Our mind is such a powerful thing!

The way we experience this world has shaped our thoughts and behaviors in ways we don’t even realize. However, that can sometimes not be the best thing for us. Our thoughts create our reality, so it’s important to that we consciously choose positive thoughts. This is when affirmations come into play.

Affirmations are basically the constant stream of thoughts we tell ourselves and our inner self talk, whether they are positive or negative.

These thinking patterns were created by our experiences as a child. Our brains have created certain beliefs that at one time were the truth and protected us, but can now really be holding us back. Remember when I said our thoughts create reality? Well, by using positive affirmations we can consciously control our current experiences.

 Creating an affirmation that works for you is so important!

The point of using positive affirmations is to combat a certain thought process or behavior and replace it with more positive, beneficial self talk. Take a moment to sit and pay attention to your thoughts. Do this without judgement, just listen to the way you talk to yourself. Bring awareness to your beliefs about your current reality and about others. Are you constantly complaining about the way you look? Do you tell yourself that you are financially lacking, while your wallet reinforces that? Negative self talk reinforces your perception of reality just as much as positive affirmations.

Find a few specific thought patterns you want to eliminate, and lets flip them..

I personally struggle with being motivated at work. When I walk into the restaurant, I already begin telling myself that I don’t want to be there and that I’m not going to have a good night. This is all before I even serve my first schedule! This negative thinking impacts my performance and my experience at work, and more than likely impacts the way my tables perceive me and tip! To combat this stream of negative self talk, affirmations I will be using are “I am confident and successful in all aspects of my job” and “No matter what, I am trying my hardest to have a fulfilling shift”

Make sure that they are specific to the thought patterns you’d like to change, positive, and make you FEEL something!  You should be believing in the words you’re saying to yourself. Say these new positive affirmations to yourself repeatedly through out your day, and especially when you find yourself engaging in the thought process you’re trying to replace. After a while of doing so, your brain will rewire itself to think these things naturally.

When you have a positive mindset, you’ll have a positive life.

Maybe not instantaneously, but our perception of your experiences will greatly change. Confidence will flow through you as you make decisions, and you will speak to yourself and others with more kindness and love. The mindset will flow over into your behaviors, making it easier for you to actually become what the affirmations say you are. You will be financially abundant, confident in your looks, and loving the job you hold.

But talking to yourself is only half the work…

If you are committed to making changes into your life, you have to show up and do the work. Affirmations work great alone, but are best paired with active goal setting. When you are working toward a goal that matches with the affirmation, it will feel so much easier to knock each step down.

Show up for yourself. Work on yourself and your goals. And shower yourself with positive talk and affirmations.

Need help finding t your own personal affirmation? I have entire Pinterest board filled with positive affirmations! I even crated some phone backgrounds with positive affirmations you can find on my twitter.

What’s your favorite affirmation? Let me know in the comments below.

December 12, 2018